Welcome to our weather website


We are a team of weather forecasters who provide accurate weather forecasts and weather data on various websites. Click here for the latest 7-day weather forecast for Malta.

We are equipped with modern weather instruments and are extremely dedicated in our work as all clients can vouch for. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our weather forecasts and we provide our clients with the best and quickest weather forecasts around fromĀ 3-hourly daily weather forecasts, 7-day marine forecasts, 14-day general forecasts or even forecasts up to 9 months ahead! We also provide various weather forecasts by SMS.

We can also provide other personalised weather services on demand, such as our 14-day weather forecasts for anywhere in the Mediterranean. We also sell weather stations and weather watches with free delivery all over Malta – please view all our products on our online shop. You may contact us on our contact page or by calling 52402020.

Meteo Malta also accepts students aged 16+ for unpaid internships.