Warmest September nights ever!

September 2014 was a warm month and was in fact even HOTTER than July! The mean monthly temperature of 26.1°C was 1.0°C above the average.

The average maximum monthly temperature of 29.4°C was 0.9°C below average while the average minimum monthly temperature of 22.8°C was 1.1°C above average. This means that September 2014 broke the record for the warmest nights ever in September.

The coolest September ever was in 2004 with a mean monthly temperature of 24.0°C while the hottest ever was in 1994 with a mean monthly temperature of 26.5°C.

The hottest day in September 2014 was on the 22nd with a high of 33.6°C. The coolest night in September 2014 was on the 10th with a low of 21.1°C. The hottest September day ever was on 26th September 1990 with a high of 39.2°C while the coolest ever was on 28th August 2004 with a low of 15.4°C.

Only 0.6mm of rain was measured in September 2014 during a brief rain shower on the 26th. The wettest September ever was in 2003 with 390.3mm while the driest was in 1992 with just a trace.

The wind blew mainly from the west with an average wind speed at Zebbug Malta of 11.1km/h. The strongest gust at Zebbug Malta was of 64.8km/h on the 2nd from a westnorthwesterly direction as a low pressure system crossed over Italy.

The mean monthly sea-level pressure was 1015.3hPa, with the highest of 1027.2Pa on the 29th and the lowest of 1006.5hPa on the 2nd as a frontal system moved across Italy and the Balkans.